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If it is not possible to replace the drug, then insulin is combined with the introduction of minimal doses (up to 1 mg) of Hydrocortisone. For severe allergic reactions, the following drugs are used: It is noteworthy that local manifestations of allergies often appear when the injection is done incorrectly. For example, in case of an incorrect choice of injection site, skin damage (write my term paper), the introduction of too cold agent. Pastipsulip lipodystrophy.

There are 2 types of lipodystrophy - atrophic and hypertrophic. The atrophic form of the pathology develops against the background of a prolonged course of the hypertrophic type.

Incorrect administration of the hormone is also of no small importance, for example, hypothermia of the injection site, the use of a cold preparation, and so on.
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If diabetes has a predisposition to the appearance of lipodystrophy, it is extremely important to adhere to the rules of insulin therapy, changing injection sites daily. Also, to prevent the occurrence of lipodystrophy, the hormone is diluted with an equal volume of Novocain (0.5%). In addition, lipoatrophies have been found to disappear after injection with human insulin. Other effects of insulin therapy.